Unlimited/ 1 month
95.- euro per month

Unlimited/ 3 months
90.- euro per month

Unlimited/ 6 months
85.- euro per month

Unlimited/ 12 months
80.- euro per month

2 times per week/ 6 months
65.- euro per month

2 times per week/ 12 months
60.- euro per month

Unlimited 12 months paid at once
960.- euro

separate deals

Beginners course + rest of the month free
80.- euro

10 times punchcard (1 year valid)
125.- euro

15.- euro or T-shirt from your box

Personal training session (60 min)
45.- euro

Personal training session 10 times punchcard (valid for 2 years)
400.- euro


Gives unlimited access to all WODs, open gym hours and specialty classes.

2 times per week

Gives access to 2 WODs, open gym hours or specialty classes of your choice each week.

Beginners course

2 sessions of 60 minutes were al fundamental movements will be learned. Now you’re ready to start with all your CrossFit classes.